Reminders 2

It’s hard on him. You want to help. Of course you do. You love him.

But here’s my question: What about you?

How does it feel when he pushes you away? How does it feel when he doesn’t claim you, when he cancels plans with you and leaves you hanging, when he’s ashamed or embarrassed of you?

Is that love?

Is it really?

The answer is no.

No, it’s not all his fault. It’s the imperfect world we live in that forces people into closets and makes them feel like they can’t be who they are. No, it’s not you. He can be in love with you and still be afraid. But ultimately, unfortunately, no. It’s not really love. Or if it is, it’s not enough.

So let me leave you with this advice: You deserve someone who loves you all the time. Someone who is proud of you and brags about you to their friends. Someone who will hold your hand and not shake you off when times get tough.

And although it might be hard, you can still be there for this person you care about. You can help them accept themselves, and you can listen to them when they need to talk, and you can provide them with a safe place that they may not have anywhere else.

But try to remember: You deserve someone who’s not afraid to love you.


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