The Angst of Being a Supporting Character

Akio: Oh? Wakaba-san…
Utena: Right. She’s completely different now.
Akio: Like the goddess who leaves her name to the stars in the heavens… is that how it is?
Utena: But how did she become so pretty all of a sudden?
Akio: You don’t understand, do you? You, living out your predestined fate…
Utena: Huh?
Akio: There are special people in the world. And they are always noticed. For example, like yourself…
Utena: Me?
Akio: Attend me. You’re not particularly self-conscious, correct? That is the special quality that you carry from birth.
Utena: Oh?
Akio: Most people are but a single person amongst multitudes. However, given the slightest chance, they will shine with a light that they have never had before.

– Revolutionary Girl Utena


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